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Submitting Required Player Documentation - AVAILABLE NOW

As a part of the registration process all players are required to submit several documents. These documents include proof of birth, medical release form, and a player photo.

The proof of birth only needs to be submitted once (unless you are moving from a team governed by the state...NCSL or ODSL to a team governed by the National Governing body...US Club Soccer or vice versa). Medical releases only need to be submitted if there has been a change in insurance information. Medical release forms do not have to be notarized (even if it says so on the form). Player headshots have to be updated every 2 years. While we do try to capture headshots at tryouts each year sometimes players slip through the cracks. Player head shots need to be resized to 120 pixels x 120 pixels.

You may use the link below to upload these documents in a secure manner. Please upload each one as as separate file. Please also use the following naming convention for file names.

  • Birth Certificates - BC_JDoe_Birth Year
  • Medical Release - MR_JDoe_Birth Year
  • Player Headshot - HS_JDoe_Birth Year

If you have any questions about the process please contact us at

GSC Secure Dropbox