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GSC Superbowl Football Squares Pool

GSC Superbowl Football Squares Fundraiser


Update 2/1/2019 9:30AM - We are down to our last 7 squares. Registration ends tonight. Don't wait to sign up!!

What are we doing?

Here is your chance to win as much as $450 and support a great cause while enjoying the Superbowl.

Over the last 20 years the landscape of youth sports has changed a great deal. One area of change has been the rising costs to support our programs and players. In an effort to help keep costs as low as possible for all players the club is initiating the first of several fundraising efforts for the coming year. The monies raised from these fundraisers will help support a number of different initiatives including future equipment purchases, scholarship programs and player development initiatives.

Please support our club and share this fun and exciting fundraiser with as many people as possible. The entry fee is only $10 per square (maximum of 10 squares per board are available to purchase). New boards will be added once a board is filled. Potential prizes range from $50 per board to as much as $450 per board.

How does it work?

  • Squares cost $10 each.
  • After completing your registration on the GSC website your square(s) will be randomnly assigned to the board by the administrator.
  •  Winners are based on the last digit of scores at the end of each quarter of the Super Bowl.
  • After the board is full, numbers from 0-9 will be randomly generated and assigned to a particular row or column. 
  • Since no one knows what numbers each square will represent, the odds are the same for everyone.
  • The final board will be emailed to all players a few days before the Super Bowl.
  • Q1 winners gets $50, Q2 & Q3 winners get $100*, Final Score winner $150* 
  • Registration steps are located at the bottom of the page

Click Here to Register

* In the below example if the first quarter score was Seahawks 21 and Bronces 17 the winner of Q1 would be Jacky Hollinsworth and she would win $50 (based on a full board). This process repeats for Q1-3 and the final score.


Image result for sample football completed squares images

* If the board is not completely sold, each player’s odds increases since there are fewer players. The winners will be paid as follows: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarter = 10% of total collected, Final Score = 20% of total. If the board is not completely sold, and the winning square for any quarter is not owned, then those winnings will be added to the next quarter. If the Final Score winning square is not sold, then 1 point will be added to each team's final score until there is a winner.


February 1st at 8PM is the last time you can purchase squares

On or about February 2nd The web-site randomly assigns numbers on the board. An email showing the filled-in board is sent to all the players.


Registration Instructions

1. Click here or go to and click register

2. Click Begin Public Registration

3. On the registration welcome screen hit continue

4. On the next screen verify your household information

5. At the next screen click register a participant

6. Select a participant (it really doesn't matter who you select)

7. Validate participant information

8. At the drop down menu for selecting a season you should select Special Events (this will trigger another drop down to open)

9. Select the number of squares you would like to purchase and hit continue.

10. Continue through the remaining screens until you reach the screen and make payment.


Click Here to Register


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