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Cold Weather Policy

The following policy will be followed by all members of Gunston Soccer Club. Cold weather is defined as any temperature that can negatively affect the body’s regulatory system. It is important to remember that temperatures do not have to be freezing to have this effect. Individuals engaged in sports activities in cold, wet or windy conditions are at risk for environmental cold injuries.




Low Risk

40ºF & above


Rules:  All age groups are allowed to participate outside in all conditions

Recommendations: Players wear appropriate clothing - Coaches use common sense with weather



30ºF - 40ºF

Rules:  All age groups are allowed to participate outside - Players must have pants and jacket on to begin training - U5-U12 Must keep jacket and pants on through training - U13 and above may use their discretion when training

Recommendations: All players have hats and gloves

High Risk

15ºF - 30ºF

Rules: U5-U12 may not train outside - U13 and above must have jacket and pants on to train - All players must have hats and gloves - Outside Activities no longer than 1 hour

Recommendations:  Provide Re-Warming Facilities



15ºF or below

Rules:  No Outdoor Activities

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