Serving the Mount Vernon, Fort Hunt, Lorton and South County communities since 1990.

Parents & Spectators

Soccer Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Coaches coach
  • Referees officiate
  • Players play
  • Parents cheer (positively, for all players)

It’s not just about what happens on the soccer field but what goes on away from the field too.

What can you do to help your child’s game?

The Car Ride Home - Some interesting conversations to consider as you are leaving the field

Love and Logic - This site has some fun and insightful ways of dealing with those behaviors that challenge us with our children.

For best results, parents should memorize and recite the following six phrases to their youth soccer player:

Before the Match

  1. I love you!
  2. Good luck!
  3. Have fun!

After the Match

  1. I love you!
  2. It was great to see you ________!
  3. What would you like to eat?

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