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Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #4

Challenges and Results

Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #4

Gunston Soccer Club Families,

During Week 4 of the Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge, this week, we are going to change things up a bit!


First, we are inviting Gunston players and others to come up with creative challenges, film and submit the challenge videos to be used during the week. This week's challenges should consist of different fitness activities, or soccer specific activities, if you want to try and mix the two you can do that as well. Examples would be; push ups, sit ups, etc. Each challenge will last for 30 seconds, with points awarded based on the number of reps or sequences completed. We will post 3 different challenge videos per day during the week, so we're hoping many people create and submit fun challenge videos to use.

If you would like to submit a challenge video to use during next week's challenge, please send a 15-30 second video of you explaining and demonstrating the challenge to "". We will take challenge video submissions any day this week, whether you send them tonight or Thursday night!


Second, we are expanding the scope of challenge contestants by inviting our local FCPS principals, staff and teachers to participate, as well as other family and community members. We are also asking all contestants to form and compete as teams!

You will need to form teams of 2-4 team members - it's your choice!  However all challenges will still be completed individually and by each team member. As challenges are posted on the Gunston Soccer social media, all team members should complete the challenges and track their individual scores. Video of team members completing challenges is not required - we are using the honor system for reporting results, this week. However if anyone would optionally like to submit a video of them completing the challenge, we may be able to use it!

At the end of each day, only one person from each team should submit their team's challenge results by sending an email to "". The daily email should include the team name, team members' names, team size, and the cumulative points for all team members for all daily challenges. We will post different leaderboards for each team size and highlights at the end of each day.


If you are submitting a challenge video or optionally sending one showing you completing a challenge, make sure to send videos to one of our social media accounts or email:

Facebook: Gunston Soccer Club (@GunstonSoccer)
Instagram: Gunston Soccer Club (@gunstonsoccerclub)
Twitter: Gunston Soccer Club (@GunstonSC)

Good luck to everyone this week!

Week 4 Bonus Challenges

Thank you Lizzy for this challenge! If you juggle, catch it on your neck for three seconds and then continue juggling you get 10 points! If you can toss it onto your neck, hold it for 3 seconds and then start juggling you get 5 points, send videos in for this!



Week 4 Results: Thank you to everyone who participated this week, we are glad you could compete with your friends, teammates and family members!

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