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Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #3

Challenges and Results

Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #3

Gunston Soccer Club Families,



Thank you to everyone who participated in our challenges last week. Week #2 had some tough challenges, but we were happy to see everyone who participated work through them. We are glad to see so many of our athletes still working on improving themselves during this break - that dedication and effort will make you better players when we get back on the field!

For Week #3, the challenges will continue to be pretty difficult at times. Again, we recommend breaking them down and starting slow at first until you get used to it. Please practice each challenge at least a couple of times before recording a video. Make sure to watch the video carefully and make sure what you send us is exactly what we demonstrate in the video. If you have any questions about a challenge, please don’t hesitate to reach out. All videos need to be submitted by 9:00pm on the day of the challenge. 

This week our Bonus Challenges will be a little different. We will post five different ways to get the ball up to start juggling. After the trick you will need to complete a minimum of five juggles if you are U9 or older, two juggles if you are U8 or younger. You will get two bonus points for each video you send clearly showing you are able to successfully complete the trick. Please make sure you watch the videos closely for these as well and do exactly what we demonstrate

Make sure to send the videos to one of our social media accounts or email:

Facebook: Gunston Soccer Club (@GunstonSoccer)
Instagram: Gunston Soccer Club (@gunstonsoccerclub)
Twitter: Gunston Soccer Club (@GunstonSC)

Good luck to everyone this week!

Week 3 Bonus Challenges

Here are the actual bonus challenges for the week, each trick gets you 2 points, up to 10 points. Choose the ones you want to do, please try to send them in as few posts or emails as possible, these need to be submitted by 9:00pm Friday! Good luck!

U8s and under need to juggle twice after and U9+ need to juggle 5 times after.


Week 3 Results: Congratulations to everyone this week! Make sure to read our social media posts from April 3rd and look for an email from the club with information about next week’s challenges!

Day 5 Challenge: Last day to submit bonus challenges, all videos need to be in by 9pm! This one today is tough, start slow, get the rhythm, break it down further if needed until you feel comfortable with it then try to increase speed. Watch video closely if you are having difficulty!

Day 4 Challenge and Results: 30 second challenge, make sure to watch video closely, your feet should not crossover when pushing the ball across your body, make sure to place cones down. 1 point for each successful sequence, have fun and try to get some bonus videos in today!

Day 3 Challenge and Results: This challenge is 30 seconds, please make sure to use cones, the turn should be going toward the opposite cone. Look for our bonus challenge which will be posted later today! Good luck and have fun!

Day 2 Challenge and Results: This challenge is 30 seconds, videos need to be submitted by 9:00pm tonight. 1 point for each successful sequence, right foot only for the turns. Make sure to practice before filming a video to send us, good luck and have fun!

Day 1 Challenge and Results: This challenge is fun but tough at first, make sure to practice it and start slow until you get the rhythm and pattern. The challenge is 30 seconds, make sure videos are 30 seconds and submitted by 9pm tonight, good luck! 1 point for each successful sequence.

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