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Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #2

Challenges and Results

Gunston Soccer Footskills Challenge - Week #2

Gunston Soccer Club Families,

Thank you to every Gunston Soccer Club member who participated in our challenges for Week One!


Our footskills challenges for Week Two will be posted below througout the week. Some of the challenges this week will be a little more complicated when you first try it. Please watch the video and start slowly until you can get the right rhythm and pattern. If you feel like you are not doing it properly, please rewatch the video. Even our Gunston coaches performed the challenges multiple times when they filmed the challenge videos!

We suggest practicing the skill a few times before deciding to record. If you are not happy with the first recording, feel free to try again and send us your best one. Please know that no video will be perfect but we do hope each player is trying their hardest and sending us something they are proud of. The most important thing is that you are getting touches on the ball, staying active during this break, and hopefully you all are having fun with it as well.

We've heard the feedback that some of these challenges have been a stretch for our younger U8 and below players, but it's been great to see them give each challenge their best effort! However if any challenge this week is appears to be too hard for our younger age group, please reach out to us so we can tailor the challenge appropriately.

Remember to send videos in before 9:00 pm on the day of the challenge, unless stated otherwise. Videos can be emailed, sent as a message on social media or tagged with Gunston Soccer Club on social media. If you are having trouble sending a video, please reach out to us through the email below or one of our social media accounts:

Facebook: Gunston Soccer Club (@GunstonSoccer)
Instagram: Gunston Soccer Club (@gunstonsoccerclub)
Twitter: Gunston Soccer Club (@GunstonSC)

New this week, we are also going to keep track of performance across three age groups: U8 and belowU9 to U10, and U11 and up. Separate from the overall daily leaderboard, we will post daily leaderboards for each of these age groups, recognizing the outstanding footskills and video submissions from across the club! Weekly prizes will be awarded based on overall scores across all age groups.

Good luck!

U9 and Above Bonus Challenge

U8 and Below Bonus Challenge


Week 2 Results: Thank you to everyone who participated this week in our challenges, we had even bigger numbers this week with 50+ kids! Congratulations to our overall winners, bonus points played a big role this week! Have a great weekend and we look forward to next weeks challenges.

Day 5 Challenge: Last day to submit bonus challenges, all videos must be submitted by 9:00pm tonight! This challenge is 30 seconds, you need to move the ball in a figure eight through the cones however you like, good luck!

Day 4 Challenge and Results: This challenge is 30 seconds, please make sure to use cones or something of similar size, just like in the video. Good luck and hopefully you get outside today to work on the bonus challenge!

Day 3 Challenge and Results: 30 second challenge, make sure videos are 30 seconds long. Start off slow until you can get the correct rhythm, this is a fun one when you get it!

Look for our bonus trick later today, we will have one for the U8s and younger and one for U9 and older this week!

Day 2 Challenge and Results: Challenge is 30 seconds long, please make sure you use cones or other objects for this challenge. You get 1 point each time you successfully make it from one side to the other, good luck we hope you enjoy it and work hard on it!

Day 1 Challenge and Results: First challenge of week 2! This challenge is 30 seconds, please make sure your video is 30 seconds long, if you are having trouble sending us a video please reach out to us. One point each time you successfully go from one side to the other, good luck to everyone!


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